Friday, January 6, 2012

What's in a Number?

100. 120. 140. 160. 180. 200.

What is the number that plagues you? The number that you wish would show up when you step on that scale. The number that will make the heavens open and a ray of light shine down.

Just look at any womans' driver's license, and you will know that every woman LIES about her weight. Most of us have this twisted belief that our bodies should weigh the number that we want it to weigh, not the number that is our healthy weight for the body God specifically designed for us.

One thing we don't take in to consideration is all the factors that make us weigh a certain number. Height, muscle, fat, bones, blood, boobs! God created us all DIFFERENT. We shouldn't all weigh the same thing. This issue has been plaguing me for years. I am short, small frame, but muscular = I weigh more than someone my same size with no muscle. FRUSTRATING!! But, why?

Is a number what defines us? Absolutely not! Think about this....when we die, what would we want written on our tombstone? "Ruth....she was really skinny. Beloved at 110 pounds." CRAZY. CRAZY. CRAZY.

Yes, staying a healthy weight IS important. But we do not need to obsess over the number. It leads to worry and anxiety which is unproductive in God's kingdom. Quit obsessing about the number and start focusing on being healthy at whatever number YOUR OWN BODY decides is a healthy weight.

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