Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Stink!

Yes you.  The mom who never has on "real" clothes.

There is no judgement in this entry.  Just food for thought.

There is a mother at my daughter's preschool who, in the four years of knowing her, has never had on "real" clothing at pick up or drop off.  Yes, there are many days that I do not prioritize a shower and real clothes in order to get my workout, errands, cleaning, etc. all completed in that very short four-hour window. And that is OK. But, in my very opinionated opinion, everyday is not OK.

First, let's talk about what real clothes are.  I think some of us are confused.

If it has built-in underwear, those are not "real" shorts.
If you don't have a "real" bra on under your shirt, it is not a "real" shirt.
If your skirt has a place to put a ball, it is not a "real" skirt.
Sweatpants or anything in the sweatpants family does not = "real."

Let me tell you a story about sweatpants.  My friends just think it is hysterical, but when it was happening, I was mortified and embarrassed.

My husband, Colter, played professional baseball for nine years.  When I was pregnant with our first child, it was the off-season.  In the off-season, Colter taught pitching lessons in the afternoons to kids after school.

So, my big 20-week ultrasound was scheduled before one of his pitching lessons.  I was so excited!  Every time I had a doctor's appointment, I would wear my cutest maternity outfit.  On this particular day, I had on my favorite black and red dress and black boots.  Colter and I met in the parking lot to go together to the appointment.

So there I am, all dolled up and feeling cute, and out steps Colter....in his sweatpants. Not just any sweatpants.  Grey sweatpants with an elastic band on the bottom.  Not cute AT ALL. Here it was 3 p.m. in the afternoon and he has on sweatpants!

If any of you are Seinfeld fans, remember when George decides to wear sweatpants everywhere?  Jerry tells him that wearing sweatpants is like you have given up on life.  Ha!

I looked at Colter in disbelief and in true Colter fashion, he's says "What?  Should I wear a tux to your appointment?"  And my response, almost in tears is "You look like my loser boyfriend that got me pregnant!!"

Oh my!  We can laugh about that now, but the point is, let's try and put our best foot forward every day. Now, understandable Colter's job required sweatpants.  (Maybe I wouldn't have cared if they hadn't been elastic!!)

Moms, you are worth the effort to put on make up, jewelry and "real" clothes.  You are!  It shows your child that you think you are worth the effort.  It shows your child that you want to look good for your husband. You are important.  It's OK to take time for yourself.

Please do not get me wrong.  There are days that I stay in my workout clothes all day.  But, if I plan ahead, I shower and get ready at the gym or plan time at home to get ready.

If you have to be in gym clothes all day, I have a few pointers:
1.  Select gym clothing that is a little more modest.  Longer shorts, a more covering shirt, etc.
2.  Put on a little make-up!  I know it is not ideal to wear it while you are sweating, but if you are going to be out and about all day, put some make-up on!
3.  Bring a jacket.  I always get cold after sweating!

And, to wrap this up, these are my top 5 times that you MUST wear "real" clothes:
1.  To meet your husband for lunch.
2.  Going to a teacher conference.  (Although I did break this one once because I teach and the appointment was early in the morning!)
3.  To attend any school program.
4.  Church! I am old school.  Do not wear your workout clothes to church!
5.  Shopping - if you are trying on clothes, please go home and take a shower first!

Moms, you are beautiful and important.  We are women of God!  We are out there in this sinful world representing God, our families, our church, and any organization we are associated with.  Let's try and put our best foot forward every day.

And, please do not misunderstand me.  A beautiful heart is much more than a beautiful face or "real" clothes.  If you disagree with me, just keep stinkin' but keep that beautiful heart!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Step Away from the Candy

I repeat.  Step away from the candy.

It is that time of year when the Easter Bunny rears its ugly head by bringing too much candy into your house.  So what's a girl to do?

1.  Don't buy Easter candy until the last minute.  Buying it a week or two (or three!) ahead of time will = no candy Easter morning.  Hmmmmmmm, who ate all the candy???  Mom. She's the only one that knows where it is!

2.  Buy candy you don't like.  Boom!  Temptation gone.

3.  Put the candy out of sight.  Store it on the highest shelf where you don't walk past it every 5 minutes.  Sticking your hand in a bowl of M&Ms every 10 minutes adds up FAST.

4.  Indulge a little.  Ask yourself...is this treat SO good and tasty that I want to waste 100, 200, 300 calories on it???  Save your calories for something you LOVE!

So, after all this great advice, I have a confession.  After I taught a kick-butt bootcamp this morning, I came home and ate a mini Twix.  I think I need to read my own blog.  HA!

We are only human.  Even if "all" the other moms seem perfect, they are not. I will say that again....THEY ARE NOT.  I promise this is true.  Don't beat yourself up if you missed a workout or ate the entire bag of M&Ms.  We all struggle with something - body issues, marriage issues, children, finances, and on and on.

It is Holy Week this week.  Take time to praise God for this ONE body He gave you.  Thank Him who washed away all our sin.  Use your body to glorify Him by extending His grace, His mercy, His kindness, His understanding and His love to all those you come in contact with.