Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exercise goes on Vacation

It's spring break here in the great state of Alabama, and every year my family and I pack up and head south to Point Clear, AL for a week of fun and relaxation. But does that mean a break from exercise? Absolutely not! Are you crazy? I would go insane with out my exercise fix, but I do think it is wise to take a break from your normal routine. So what does exercise on vacation look like? Well, I will give you an example of what it DOESN'T look like. My crew and I were happily playing on the beach when a woman (I wouldn't call her a lady) was so rude to her three adorable kids. Her boys wanted her to take them out on the kayak and she snapped back at them announcing that she had already run six miles and played tennis and she couldn't possibly have the energy to take them out on the kayak. I wanted to throw sand in her face and tell those sweet faces that I would take them. Witchy woman. The point of vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself and your family. Here's a peek at what my exercise routine looks like on vacation: Day 1: Took a walk (yes that counts!) about a mile and 1/2 down a beautiful path. On the way back I sprinted two telephone pole widths then walked one telephone pole width. I repeated this until I got back to the house. Day 2: Slept until 9 a.m. Gasp! Couldn't muster up the will power to go outside and run. But I did take the kids out on the kayak. What an amazing arm workout! Day 3: Both kids are now sick. Gibson keeps saying "this is the worst spring break ever!" Been trapped in the house all day. Going crazy so I entertain my mom by showing he all my "moves" from class and trying to come up with new routines. This show lasted about 30 minutes. Day 4: Just a walk....a very fast walk. But, give me a little credit, my little one up half the night with tummy troubles! Day 5: Tomorrow is day 5 and in my head I plan to hit the gym. If not, we are going to the pool where i will sneak in some flutter kicks, high knees, running and fun play time with my kids. Whever you may be there is always a way to MOVE. And usually on vacation, you have extra hands to help with the kids so you can get in a short workout. Or, rent bikes as a family, go on a hike, walk the beach, have a plank-holding contest with your husband! Just keep moving....with at least one day that you just lay around, of course. Or, to loose any of my vacation weight gain, I can take a hint from from one of my favorite movies, "The Devil Wears Prada", "I am only one stomach flu away from my goal weight.". I can just get Gibson to blow in my face or offer to share a Sprite! Just kidding! Happy Spring Break!

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  1. lunges, high knees, and sprints, side squats, backward squat walks, need I go on?????? I love you!